Indigenous Film Archive

Documenting, archiving & Promoting Indigenous Cultural Practices, Skills, Knowledge & Wisdom Through Films.


The Indigenous Film Archive (IFA) is a nonprofit organization established in 2006 by a group of indigenous film makers, film journalists, artistes/actors, sociologists and activists with a common dream of supporting indigenous peoples and nationalities to conserve and promote their languages, cultural practices, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

IFA is in the process of developing a well-equipped archive that provides facilities for documentation, preservation, promotion and screening of both national and international films and film related information on indigenous issues and topics.


IFA’s work has contributed to significant positive changes in attitudes and respect for indigenous knowledge and wisdom both within and outside indigenous communities.

Specialized trainings for filmmakers have improved the technical capabilities of filmmakers and provided opportunities for learning through interactions with audiences and national and international filmmakers and personalities.
Filmmakers now understand the importance and need to support one another. This has led to the establishment of Indigenous Film Associations in different regions of Nepal. These associations have started to regulate production, distribution and marketing of films made by their communities. A dialogue has started with the government and other related institutions for the up-liftment of indigenous films.

Each year IFA provides 4 to 5 documentaries, shorts and profiles relevant to indigenous people’s issues to different organizations to facilitate an awakening interest in rediscovering cultural practices and knowledge.

IFA curates indigenous films of Nepal for other national and international festivals. IFA facilitates, encourages and supports Nepali indigenous and non-indigenous communities by providing visual and technical assistance for film production. Films screened and promoted by IFA have been highly appreciated by international festival organizers.
NIIFF and NIIFF extension festivals organized by IFA within Nepal have motivated Nepali diaspora to organize Indigenous film festivals in Canada, Qatar and Finland.

IFA's advocacy programs at film festivals and other interaction programs have contributed to positive changes in government censorship policies concerning film festivals, indigenous films and tax reduction for indigenous films made in their mother tongue.
A significant outcome has been the establishment of the Indigenous Department to promote indigenous films within the Nepal Film Development Board.

IFA has contributed significantly to develop a sense of pride and dignity in Being Indigenous.

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